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Allen Clark

Allen Clark

Allen has been a photographer for over 20 years in the Nashville area, but has traveled the world doing what he describes as his dream job with a side of glorified stalking.

“When I began as a professional many years ago, I had this idea that no one would even look at my portfolio unless I had someone in there that Everyone would recognize. I then just went about finding characters for my book and filled in the spaces with things and people I have admired since I was a child.”

Over his career he Has photographed 2 presidents, 2 knights, Miss America, Top Rap Artists a host of musicians, actors, writers, politicians and celebrities & what he likes to call “everyday hardworking people (you know …the normal ones)”

COURSES by Allen Clark

Fundamentals of Photography

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This course was designed for beginners in the photography field. In the following lessons, we will cover a wide range of introductory knowledge for you to to build and hone your photographic skill set.

A solid foundation in photography begins with mastering the basics: aperture, shutter speed and composition. We will walk you through the technical process of understanding your camera settings, teach you how to authentically pose your subject and master the post-production workflow of editing your images.