How to Return Presets back to Alphabetical Order After Lightroom Upgrade 7.3

Maria Frisch

Jun 08 2018

Are your presets out of order following the Lightroom 7.3 update? We have a solution that doesn’t involve any coding or manual preset name changes!

It’s difficult to manage unsorted presets, but this unwanted side-effect resulted from the recent Adobe software update that transitioned preset file type (.lrt to .xmp) and installation location (develop presets folder to settings folder). At the Luxe Lens, we’ve been hard at work finding a solution for all of our customers – not just those who are technically savvy.

We’ve vetted and tested a free Lightroom plugin that automatically returns your presets to alphabetical order. It was created by Adobe superstar John Ellis, who has developed a reputation for hand coding unique plugins to help with Adobe software glitches. The plugin is called Fix Presets. It launched about two weeks ago and since then has gone through a few updates to ensure there are no bugs. We’ve extensively tested this plugin and we highly recommend it!

The download/install directions, along with user directions are located at John’s website, where he generously posts some of his other inventions. An organized workflow makes all the difference, so we’re happy to help resolve this recent Adobe software error with this plugin recommendation.

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