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9-Course Bundle: Lightroom, Photoshop, & Photography

Take your Lightroom and Photoshop knowledge from novice to master with our best-selling, 9-course bundle. This is the premiere package for photographers seeking comprehensive training that will transform basic photo editing knowledge to advanced, professional-level skill. Learn to edit photos like the pros through more than 120 HD video lessons that are both interactive and easy to digest.

Courses included:

Luxe presets included: 

  • Portraits: Drama, Cinema, Retro Green, Blue-Green Tone, Sunny Film, Warm Intensity
  • Essentials: Film Fade, Dark Matte, Details, Red/Blue Strong, B&W Clear Strong
  • Weddings: Amethyst Filter, Boudoir, Softened Glow, Pink Frost, Just Married
  • First years: Green & Red Tone, Delicate Film, Memories, Warm & Bright, Soft Tan
  • Touch of Tweed: Fairy Tale
  • Landscapes & Wildlife: B&W Dusk, B&W Landscape, Cinematic Landscape, Sunny Day
  • Cinematic HDR: Romance, Documentary, Underground, Black Bars
  • On the Farm: Lilac Color, B&W Cedar, Mulberry Shade, Easy Analog, Pasture & Prairie
  • Buds & Blooms Spring: Cool Rain, Petals, Clean Pop, Rich Wash, Petals, Teal Light
  • Bohemian Summer: Free Spirit, Sand, Summer Fad, Bohemian Blast
  • Touch of Tweed Autumn: Autumn Orange, Autumn Colors, Punchy Split Toning
  • Brixton Film Yesteryears: California
  • Brixton Film Earthy Moods: Avant Garde
  • Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant: Fall Memories

Luxe actions included:

  • Tools: Depth Contrast, Auto Histogram Fix, Contrast Increase
  • Perfect Portraits: Dodge & Burn Skin Brush
  • Creative Workflow: Enhance Depth of Field Brush
  • Firewood & Frost: Pastel Filter, Light Vignette, Winter Forest, Snow White Cool, Distant Nostalgia
  • Weddings: Buttercream, All Eyes on Her, B&W Matte, Clean & Light, B&W Antique
  • Horizon Landscapes: Sapphire Skies, Cool Dusk Film, HDR Medium, Blur Brush, Desert Fire, Earth Yellow to Green Brush
  • Apple Orchards: B&W Rich & Classic, Harvest Wash, Autumn Evening
  • Savannah Gardens: Warm Sunburst, Summer Solstice, Teal Overlay, Raspberry Sangria, Pastel Spring Evening, Warm Overlay
  • Sky Overlays: Day to Night Cool, Pastel Toning, Soft Cooling Film Color Tone, 

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