Josh Cole

Josh Cole

It doesn’t matter one bit what you choose to do in life, just make sure your happy doing it”. Words spoken into his life by his dad and words that Josh lives by today. Born in Phoenix, AZ, the son of a sculptor-biker dad and a hippy-chick-biker mom, Josh found plenty of opportunity to be creative. Since he was a child Josh watched his mom’s creativity in the form of beautiful pottery making, and his dad’s creativity birthed in the form of sculpture. Watching these two work was nothing less than inspirational and a model of his dad’s words in action.

With many years working in both digital and print creative, Josh prides himself on connecting the dots between the online and offline worlds, and traveling the intersection between the visual and experiential arts. To Josh, there is something very special about understanding how we communicate and how that communication affects us while identifying and solving problems that present themselves within this area.

While Josh certainly loves working within digital and interactive design, he also has a deep passion for both photography and video; a passion that has earned him a variety of awards, publication and gallery shows. He also spends time running a lifestyle brand called Royal 9. When pried away from the computer he can be found engrossed in watching movies, fishing and traveling, with his wife and son in Nashville, TN.

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Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate


If you have competed the Adobe Photoshop Basics Course or if you already have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop, then this course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the powerful editing software on the market, and to fine-tune your editing skills so you can create breathtaking images. It’s time to enter the big leagues!

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Adobe Photoshop 101 – Basics


In this Luxe Academy Adobe Photoshop Basics course, our seasoned instructor Josh Cole will give you all the tips and tricks you need to get you started using the coveted Photoshop software. The comprehensive videos are designed for beginners and are paced in such a way that will give you confidence as you move forward throughout the lessons. Learn at your own pace and take the time to experiment with your new skills as you move along. The downloadable tip sheets are a great reference tool for you to use any time you need a refresher or handy reference!

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